Bat guano in insulation
Bat guano in insulation

Why Should I Worry About Contaminated Insulation?

You finally got the bats out, and you sealed up all their potential entry points. However, the bats have left a huge mess for you to clean up. The bats have chewed up your wires, torn up drywall, stained your floorboards, and now your insulation is in ruins. Bats are known for destroying and ruining your insulation, but it should be fine to leave the insulation how it is right?

Absolutely not. There are 3 important reasons to replace your insulation after dealing with bats.

  1. Health
  2. Living Comfortably
  3. Money

Health Issues With Contaminated Insulation

As stated on our page about Bat Guano, they carry harmful diseases such as Histoplasmosis. A disease that affects the lungs, which will cause cold-like symptoms. However, unlike colds, this disease will last for a few weeks to a month. This disease is extremely harmful to those with weakened immune systems which will lead to lung infections and death.

Contaminated insulation will attract bugs and other pests, which can cause even more disease throughout your household. These include flies, cockroaches, beetles, gnats, and other insects. Luckily at Animal Pros we also deal with bugs such as these and removing and preventing them is no issue!

Talk with us today to have a free inspection and quote to learn more about the health hazards of contaminated insulation.

Insulation Ruined by Bats
Insulation Ruined by Bats

Ruined Insulation Means Ruined Temperature Control

Insulation is necessary to keep you home as comfortable as possible. This is extremely important in the summer month in Tennessee as the summer heat and humidity is unbearable. A good insulation keeps the heat up in the attic, leaving your home nice and cool. However, an insulation that is destroyed, especially after a recent Bat infestation will make the heat sink and heat up your home. Making your A/C run harder as the nice cool air is escaping from the attic.

Insulation is also very important during the winter months too. Last thing you want is that nice warm air escaping into the cold during the dead of winter.

Ruined Insulation Will Make You Lose Money

Stated before, a good insulation can keep your indoor temperatures in check. Due to this, a properly installed insulation could wind up saving you money in A/C and heating bills! The harder your HVAC needs to work to keep your home the right temperature the more it will need to compensate causing increased costs. So while, replacing the insulation may seem costly, it will save you money in the long run!