One Way Door Under A Deck
One Way Door Under A Deck

There's a Skunk Under My Deck!

During the Spring or Summer is when we get the most calls about skunks under the deck. About 75% of the calls about animals under the deck or shed are either skunks or groundhogs. And when they get under your deck, you have a huge problem! Skunks are famous for spraying when they get nervous or scared. Especially when someone walks into a shed or on a deck.

This is a very difficult problem which should be solved by a professional wildlife removal company. One misstep and not only would you get sprayed, but your backyard and deck will too! The smell will go away in about 2-3 weeks but that’s too long! But there is another issue with skunks under your deck. Sheds and decks always have wires and other cables that run under them and skunks love to chew on them! When a TV or a telephone wire gets chewed in half most of the time the entire wire will need to be replaced which is very costly.

How Do We Trap Them Under There?

Learning how to trap wildlife under the deck or a shed is fairly complicated. Most f the time you cannot even see the animal under the deck, which makes placing the trap under the deck an impossible task. That’s why we place traps on the outside of the deck and shed. This makes the chances of catching the animal much more likely. This is a job for a professional pest removal company. Because by the time you purchase a trap and learn how to use it, the skunk will have sprayed a few people by then. Often times, a professional will find things that you as a homeowner would overlook, such as chewed wires, structural damage, and other items we are trained to look for.