Pigeons in a Park
Pigeons in a Park

Pigeon Removal

Pigeons are a common pest problem near any city. Gallatin is no exception. The team of professionals at Animal Pros is the best choice when you need to rid your property of these nuisance birds. Pigeons love to nest and roost on roofs and can cause costly damage if left alone.

These birds are creatures of habit. Therefore, when they find a place that suits them, they will continue to return to that spot. They will leave hazardous droppings that will eat away at your roof causing damage to shingles and other structural damage. They are also drawn to gutters, signs, and even HVAC units. Ultimately, they are just looking for shelter from the elements. Once they find that shelter they are in no hurry to leave.

Pigeon Droppings & Damage

If pigeons choose an area near your HVAC unit to nest, it is possible for the toxins in their droppings to be stirred up into the air and be circulated into the air in your home or business. This is of concern because pigeons carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. All the more reason to call us to help remove them for you.

Pigeons can also make their way into your attic, soffit, eaves, dormers and in open buildings like warehouses. They can damage structural elements, machinery and cause contamination, all of which can be costly to repair. Animal Pros can provide the help you need to rid your property of these pests, clean up and put deterrents in place to keep them from returning. Call us today.