Woodpecker Removal

Woodpeckers are very recognizable and are known for the loud, pecking noise they make. They can be quite a nuisance to Gallatin homeowners. They will live wherever they can nest and they will make noise no matter where they are. While these birds prefer the trees, they can also find their way into your attic or the siding on your home or near your chimney.

The pecking noise they make is used to establish their territory so it can be quite loud, especially when inside the siding or chimney. Do not attempt to remove them on your own. Call the professionals at Animal Pros. These are protected birds and they must be removed with care.

Woodpecker Damage

If you find a woodpecker on your property you need to address it quickly because the damage they create can accumulate at a rapid pace. These birds also carry diseases like histoplasmosis, E-Coli, salmonella and more. All of these are transmitted to humans and exposure to them can be harmful to your family. The experts at Animal Pros are ready to assist you in the removal of these nuisance birds.

Along with the removal of woodpeckers, we will clean up the droppings, sanitize the area and help with any necessary structural repairs. We will also install a variety of deterrents to keep them away. This may involve spike strips, netting or other tried and true methods to deter them from coming back.