A Snake Found on the Patio
A Snake Found on the Patio

I Have Snakes in My Attic

We often find snakes in local attics. Temperature is usually what makes your attic so great for snakes. Attics are humid and warm most of the time. Along with the ideal temperatures, attics are home to mice and rats. They make their way into your home by climbing trees and entering through gaps or around vents in your attic. We can remove them one day and find more the next day so it is important to have a professional remove them from your attic. These reptiles can inflict painful bites even if they are not venomous.

Do not attempt this on your own. We are trained to handle these creatures. We are available any time for emergencies.

Why Are There Snakes in the Attic?

One way to keep your attic free of snakes is to make sure there is no food source for them. This means pest control to eliminate any mice or rats. We can take care of this for you. We use humane, poison-free trapping solutions and will monitor them daily. After we can also decontaminate the area afterward. If you see rodents on your roof or near your home, call us for an inspection. Controlling the rodents early will eliminate the possibility of snakes entering the attic.

How to Keep Them Out

Along with eliminating the food source you need to have any openings to the attic sealed. Our team will use the best possible methods to seal any entry points around your roof to keep the rodents and snakes out for good. You can also keep trees away from your roof-line and remove any unnecessary debris from your yard. Do not allow your yard to be overgrown. The tall grass can make a nice place for a snake to hide.

Also, remember that most snake repellents do not work unless you eliminate the food source and debris as well. Always contact the professional for this wildlife problem.