Snake in Home
Snake in Home

I Found a Snake Skin in My Home!

We tend to receive this question a lot. Sadly the answer to this question is not one a homeowner would like to hear:

You have a growing snake in your home! Snakes shed when they grow, and in order for a snake to grow, it must have a viable food source. This could include but is not limited to mice, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, and many other household pests that occur in EVERY house in the United States!

Why Is It in My House?

Snakes are one of the most beneficial animals in the US. Snakes help us reduce the rodent population, so we aren’t overrun with mice. However, snakes pose a huge problem to homeowners and wildlife professionals here in Tennessee. Most snakes are actually very shy and inhabit inaccessible places that are hard to see and reach. Most people have snakes in their homes and they never realize it. A snake in your home is usually a result of an even larger problem, a rodent infestation. Almost every time we get a call for snakes we also find mice in the home. One key thing to do when dealing with your snake issue is to find out what he is doing there, what he’s eating, and what stage of growth he’s in. Very rarely will removing a snake will completely solve your problem